Adult Courses

The Brewhouse Education Centre provides two dedicated learning spaces that are used for a variety of adult education workshops. Come and join us for a myriad of different courses.

From watercolour painting to family history, Burghley offers a number of adult education courses in conjunction with specialist education providers

What’s On

Burghley hosts a number of different day study courses run by experts in their field.

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Watercolour Painting Days

It really doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished artist or an absolute beginner Sandra’s classes provide a relaxed, friendly, stress-free environment, where you can sit back and enjoy lots of wet-into-wet watercolour demonstration and then have a go yourself with help and encouragement.  You will be pleasantly surprised by what you can achieve. Each day runs from 10.30 till 4.00, and are priced at £60 for the day. light refreshments are provided. All painting days take place in the Burghley House Brewhouse education center.

Sandra Peck is Resident Artist and Tutor at Barnsdale Gardens and her work can be seen in the gallery there. She has been teaching for over twenty years and holds regular workshops at a number of locations, including some especially for the Royal Horticultural Society.

Watercolour days with Sandra Peck 2017

Old Buildings in Watercolour – 25 January

Try out watercolour techniques for painting old stone, weathered wood, etc. and use these on some lovely little paintings of interesting features taken from various old buildings.

Water Fountain – 8 February

This is one of the quaint and lovely features of the rose terrace. The demonstration will show how to capture dripping water and reflections in watercolour.

Burghley wet-into-wet – 1 March 

This is a wonderful way to use watercolour, allowing it to run onto the wet paper, then adding more wet-into-wet to suggest this beautiful building.

Lilac – 12 April

A gorgeous subject for watercolour, drop colours onto the wet paper to create a misty background, then add just a little detail for flowers and glass vase.

Parrot Tulips – 10 May

Each flower is fabulous and can look especially lovely in watercolour. Learn how to capture the amazing shapes, and how to mingle colours wet-into wet on petals.

Stone Steps – 7 June

Pen and wash. follow a step-by-step demonstration to capture sunlight on this enchanting corner of Burghley. Colours added wet into wet with pen detail.

Misty Roses – 12 July

Beautiful ways to paint fresh roses in watercolour (The National Trust have planned an exhibition of Sandra’s large watercolour roses running throughout June 2017 at Gunby Hall)

Gladioli – 16 August

There are some amazing varieties grown at Burghley, that are an absolute delight. How to paint Beautiful curved petal in wet-into-wet watercolour.

The George Room – 27 September

Beginning with a visit to this lovely room, followed by a demonstration showing how you can easily suggest details such as paintings, ornate frames and furnishings.

Houses in Pen and Wash – 11 October

A great chance to paint your own house or one that you like (bring a photo if you wish). A step-by-step demonstration will show you how to draw and paint houses in watercolour and add detail with pen.

Animals – 8 November

A very appealing subject. Using loose drippy watercolour to capture a likeness of animals. Bring a photo if you wish.

Wintery Watercolours- 6 December

Try out some new silver and gold watercolour to add sparkle to seasonal subjects with beautiful wet-into-wet backgrounds.

For enquiries please contact or call 01780 761996.

Creative painting days- With Lucy Ellis 2017

Have you ever wanted to have a go at portraits, Watercolours or pastels and don’t know how to begin? Or, would you like to learn new techniques to create realistic yet soft and flowing paintings? Then these classes offer an ideal opportunity to get started, or improve your skills, with lots of step-by-step demonstrations and one to one tuition.

Lucy is an experienced freelance tutor who has lectured in Fine Art for over 10 years. These painting  days are specially designed to take you right from scratch through to a finished painting. For each subject and technique you get the chance to sit up close and watch detailed demonstrations at every stage. The supportive and individual tuition you will receive on the day will really help you to get the most out of your artwork, even if you are just beginning.

Courses run from 10.30-4pm and are priced at £60 for the day. Materials can be provided for the day for an additional £6 (please order when booking). A great gift idea for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn how to paint, vouchers are available.

Sepia Pen and Wash – 21 March

Perfect for beginners or those wanting to learn a new technique. This workshop takes you step by step through drawing buildings and old stone in lovely sepia ink. You’ll learn how to use gorgeous wet pen and wash techniques to create a very striking image that’s simple and quick to achieve.

Watercolour Portraits – 16 May

Learn how to create lovely soft portraits using very simple watercolour techniques and just a few colours. A great way to create beautiful portraits very quickly, the step-by-step demonstrations will cover everything you need to know, from the proportions of the face through to blending skin and hair tones using wet-into-wet techniques.  

Beginners Watercolours  4 July

Have you ever wondered how to paint in watercolours but never picked up a paint brush before? This workshop in the ideal way to get started. Aimed at total beginners this class offers a step by step guide to using watercolours, including how to mix colours and use very simple wet-into-wet techniques to create a finish painting.

Pen and Wash windows and doorways – 19 September

Perfect for beginners or those wanting to learn a new and very useful technique. This workshop takes you step by step through how to create simple but stylish scenes showing windows and doorways using lovely wet pen and wash.

Child Portraits in pastel – 21 November

If you’ve always wanted to have a go at painting a loved one and don’t know where to begin, this is the perfect workshop for you. Starting right from scratch this very informative day takes you through how to draw the correct proportions, blend realistic skin and hair tones using soft pastels, and shape and contour the face. You may wish to bring along a photograph to work from.


For enquiries please contact or call 01780 761996.