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Special exhibitions allow items to be displayed in a new and intimate context.

The Treasury is a purpose-built display area which gives the opportunity for a series of special exhibitions that focus upon areas of the collection that cannot usually be displayed in the staterooms.

In recent years there have been exhibitions of the world famous Burghley collection of Chinese snuff bottles, rare Japanese Kakiemon ceramics, of treasures from the Elizabethan period, European ceramics and a stunning collection of Japanese Lacquer.


Collectibles and Curiosities

This year’s exhibition is the ninth to be held in the Treasury and continues the theme of displaying objects that are not normally seen by visitors. Rather than being devoted to Works of Art the exhibition highlights an astonishing variety of unusual objects collected by the family.

While the 5th and 9th Earls of Exeter both added to the collection in the 17th and 18th Centuries as typical ‘Grand Tourists’ the 1st Marquess and his son Brownlow used their shared interest in science to bring in fine examples of new technology as well as curiosities of their times.

The exhibition is wide and varied and we are sure you will find items that excite the curious collector within you.

The House at War

Mention the Great War and images of bomb-cratered, muddy battlefields with lines of trenches comes to mind, but on the home front Burghley played its part. As a Red Cross hospital it provided respite care and rehabilitation for over 450 injured soldiers. Our exhibition, ‘The House at War’, offers a brief glimpse into this often forgotten side of the conflict.