• EatSleepDoodle is such a wonderful concept, how did the company start?

Because I love designing and making, I wanted to make it possible for everyone to have the same fun. The idea of being able to design your own duvet cover, then wash it all out ready for your next big concept just popped into my head. It took quite a bit of confidence and research to produce doodle duvet, and it was wonderful to see how the idea resonated.

  • What age of child is Eat Sleep Doodle great for?

Eatsleepdoodle gifts are great for children from three upwards. For the littlest ones, our placemats to go which come with pens in a little cotton bag are super practical and perfect for mealtimes, outings and travelling. Once children reach reading age the whole range opens out with options from learning about planets to writing your own fairy tale as you colour.

  • If you were a child again what do you think would be your favourite thing to colour in from EatSleepDoodle?

Our doll’s house decorator pillowcase for sure – it’s such fun creating colour schemes and patterns. Being able to try designs out, then wash and start afresh is just fab.

  • Roughly how long do the art projects take to complete?

Totally personal choice – they’re much more about fun and learning than completion, and all our print designs look fab with or without colour. Our aim is for children to have the best time colouring, to gain confidence in their own choices and be stimulated by the subject matter to research and learn more.

  • Over the festive season will you be completing any creative art projects yourself?

As many as possible (would be the busiest time of year at eatsleepdoodle!) – that’s my passion! I’m completing a needlepoint based on old roses from the garden, I’ll be customising napkins with embroidered initials for Christmas (and fingers crossed there will be more than four to do!) and have plots for making Liberty print pjs as gifts.

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