Pete Rogers, Cornus Cecilium. House at Burghley Sculpture Garden 2021

The Burghley Sculpture Garden Exhibition, 'House' was originally conceived to honour the 500th anniversary William Cecil and his birth in 1520. It is not without irony that our recent societal house arrest has been the cause of its delay!

The 2021 Exhibition now presents sculptures that explore the ‘House’ as architecture and the domesticity of the home. Alongside sculptures exhibiting architectural qualities or those directly related to Burghley House. Highlights include a giant snail whose shell take its geometry from Burghley’s octagonal towers, an origami house carved in stone, a giant steel archway, a skyscraper being sawn in half, an arc of 4 pyramids and the elephant in the room!

'House' will be on exhibition until 31st October 2021. Open daily between 10:30am - 1pm & 2pm - 4:30pm.

HOUSE - 2021 Artists

  • Lee Brady Colourfluffy Beautiful
  • Ros Burgin Domus
  • Régis Chaperon Origami House + Flying House
  • Doug Clark Ozymandic Arch
  • Paul Cox City Cuts
  • Owen Cunningham Kirkby Throne
  • Ashleigh Harrold 14 Nant-Gau + 59 Park View
  • Diane Maclean Equivalents
  • Chris Marshall Sponge Tree
  • Denis O’Connor Safe House
  • Pete Rogers Cornus Cecilium + The Epicurean Expedition
  • Nigel Slight Falling Light
  • Jim Unsworth The Prisoner of Pyrrhus + A Heart, Twins and some Snakes
Diane Maclean, Equivalents. House at Burghley Sculpture Garden 2021
Burghley House

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