• What is the most common mistake people make when wrapping gifts?

The classic mistake which people make when wrapping gifts is to use too much paper especially when wrapping a box. Excess amounts become unmanageable to work with so it’s better to measure your wrapping. Not only is this better for the environment but it’s money-saving too

Awkward shapes can be very tricky when wrapped with paper so bear in mind that not everything should be wrapped in gift wrap. Flexible wrapping is more suitable and will mould around the shape easier. Materials such as cellophane, tissue, crêpe paper and fabric work really well around awkward shapes

  • What is a good way to personalise your wrapping?

There are so many ways to personalise your wrapping. For an eco-friendly tip you could buy a plain paper such as brown packing paper and write a greeting or poem with a sharpie pen. For smaller size gifts you could photocopy some funny photographs of your friends and use this as a gift wrap

Gifts can also be adorned with eye-catching embellishments and to personalise your presents you could add a decorative wooden letter, or tie in a diamanté’s keyring the persons initial

  • What trends are you currently seeing in the luxury wrapping world?

The biggest trends at the moment are related to sustainable wrapping and being green so recyclable giftwrap is proving really popular (our own reversible papers are printed with vegetable ink)

Fir cones can easily be dusted with frosted or white spray and added to gifts with wire. Small bunches of foliage are really eye-catching and often smell great too (Think of tying in rosemary and bay leaves which have a aroma to heighten the senses).

  • Best tip for wrapping an awkward present?

For awkward shapes I swear by cellophane and tissue which are readily available from your local florist. For large items such as luggage and big teddy bears you could opt for fabric or a paper tablecloth. They mould around the gift a lot easier than wrapping paper

Simply place the item in the middle of the fabric and bring all of the sides to the top and secure with a pretty ribbon

  • What has been your favourite wrapped present you have ever received?

One of my favourite presents that I ever received was from a member of my wrapping team. It was so beautifully wrapped that I have never opened it. Little individual rosebuds were made with crêpe paper and it’s an absolute work of art. Apparently the gift is a box of chocolate and will now be well out of date!

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