Our Orangery restaurant is managed by Absolute Taste who are currently recruiting for the following positions:


Sous Chef
We are looking for someone with previous sous chef experience in a busy kitchen.  The ideal candidate can expect to work 8am-5pm, 5 days a week but would need to be flexible for events such as weddings held in Burghley’s beautiful Great Hall.  We are offering the opportunity to be part of a close team and an exciting catering company with a competitive salary.

Pastry Chef
The Orangery Restaurant prides itself on the quality of its cakes and pastries.  Most customers will indulge themselves with a treat from our pastry table so previous pastry chef experience is essential.

Chef de Partie
Passion for great food and ambition are essential in this role.  You will be expected to manage your own section and those who maintain a high standard will have the opportunity to work in international sporting events such as Formula One racing.

Working hours are desirable for all positions as our main restaurant is open from 10am to 4pm (5pm during summer).  All positions will have the opportunity to work in events including weddings, Burghley Film Festival and international sports.


If you are interested in applying for any of these positions then please send your CV and covering letter to laura.lee@burghley.co.uk