• Kavanagh's are well known to Burghley, however for those who have yet to try your delicious bakes can you tell us a bit about Kavanaghs and how the company started?

Kavanagh’s is a dream come true for us, one that has been driven by our passion for baking and our love of Afternoon Tea.

Growing up in Ireland, my sisters and I looked forward to spending our weekend’s visiting the local bakery and coffee shop Malones, it was a family treat.

In a twist of fate, I was diagnosed Coeliac in 2003 and devastated by the news at the time I stopped baking. However, my passion for baking stayed strong and after desperately missing the pleasure it gave me, I relearnt to bake using Gluten Free products and feel that I have now

We have now stepped up our business and have changed the model to predominantly supplying business with Gluten free baked, treats and goodies. But don’t worry, we’re still proving our amazing signature Afternoon tea amongst other things to customers.

  • What is your favourite festive treat?

I love a Christmas Hot Chocolate. Which basically means Baileys... Lots and lots!

Christmas Pudding and sherry trifle if also a Christmassy favourite along with my decadent truffles...they are so good; I always need to make extra!

  • Do you have a festive baking tip you are willing to share?

Christmas is my favourite time of year, it also our busiest time of year. I tend to be a little scatty, so my tip is to bake ahead of time!

I have a pre-Christmas countdown for frozen cookie dough, truffles, feeding a Christmas pudding, Making the sponges for the all-important sherry trifle and making sure there are lots of treats stocked up for visitors.

I also make Christmas Granola for the kids...it contains green and red M&Ms...yep...I pick them all out by hand! It wouldn’t be Christmas Day breakfast without it!

  • What baked goods will be on offer from Kavanaghs in the lead up to Xmas?

Oh my goodness, we have so many!

It would not be Christmas without our Christmas Puddings and Cakes. We are also introducing our Christmas Igloo cake for people who don't like fruit cake. Decadent Yule logs, Mince pies, Gingerbread, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Parkin Loaf, Chocolate Mousse filled Pinecones.

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