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These online worksheets focus on historical periods and topics directly linked to Burghley’s past. They can be used for home learning or at school. We hope that they will encourage you to find out more about Burghley and excite you for your next visit to Burghley when the time is right.

Burghley - The Best Bits

Learn more about Burghley House.

Burghley and the Tudors

Find out how William Cecil built Burghley House in the Tudor period.

Burghley and the Victorians

Find out when Queen Victoria visited Burghley House as a Princess.

Lord Burghley

William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the Queen's most trusted adviser and the man who built Burghley House. Find out more.

The Tudors

Learn more about the Tudor period.

Tudor Food

Find out what the Tudors ate and how they cooked their meals.

Tudor Health

How did the Tudors cope when they were poorly? Find out more.

Burghley House Education

We hope you have learnt a lot from the online learning resources. You can find out more about the Education Days we offer by clicking here.
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