Burghley House | William Cecil: Politics, Power and Patronage

William Cecil: Politics, Power and Patronage

Burghley Education have produced a digital learning resource to support the AQA GCSE 9-1 Elizabethan England 1568-1603 Historic Environment question for 2022 on Lord Burghley’s Almshouses.

The thirty-minute resource filmed against the backdrop of the state rooms at Burghley and on location at the Almshouses discusses the origins, character and rise to power of the greatest statesman of the Elizabethan period, William Cecil. It analyses his relationship with Queen Elizabeth 1 and how as her Chief Minister and High Treasurer he wielded political influence. Set within the Elizabethan social context it examines why he not only built great prodigy houses but why, in 1597, he bought and endowed the local Almshouse in Stamford leaving a lasting legacy for himself and his family. Concluding with a final exploration of the Almshouses themselves, their structure, purpose and role within the community.

Access to the video will be via youtube and a youtube account will be needed. Please provide the email address that your youtube account is registered to when purchasing so access can be provided.

For further information contact: education@burghley.co.uk

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